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Care and Use of your Motorhome / RV Tires

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Tires are a very precisely engineered product designed for specific applications and use. The tire functions as the sole contact between the vehicle and the road. Therefore, it must provide several different functions in order for your recreational vehicle to handle properly. Most important are traction while moving, grip when steering or stopping, and a comfortable ride for you and your passengers. The tires on your recreational vehicle are designed for highway use and must be properly maintained in order to maximize tire life, as well to provide a safe mode of transportation. Always keep your tires clean and properly inflated.

The following maintenance topics will provide you with an explanation of important tire care instructions that can be performed by the RV owner.

The Importance of Proper Air Pressure

Proper air pressure is critical to safety and proper RV ride and handling. Consult your RV’s tire information placard for the proper tire pressure specifications (see sample below). You may also consult your tire manufacturer for tire inflation information. This placard should be affixed to the vehicle somewhere near the driver seat on in the driver’s door jamb. If it is missing or you cannot find it, consult the vehicle manufacturer. Check air pressure before each trip.



If you do not have the means to measure the temperature of the tires check you tires before the vehicle has been driven. The reference used for cold is 65 degrees Fahrenheit. We recommend the use of a SmarTire tire pressure monitoring system that can measure both pressure and temperature of the tires.

Proper Inspection and Storage of Tires

Before taking your RV on a trip or when removing from an extended storage period, make it a practice to inspect the overall condition of your tires. Check for any type of condition or damage that might result in failure. A thorough check should include both inside and outside sidewalls, tread area and the condition of hardware such as valve stems, valve caps, and wheels. The tread should be checked for any unusual wear, cracking, penetrations and/or cuts. An uneven wear pattern can indicate misalignment or worn suspension parts.

Since many RVs are used seasonally and sometimes stored for extended times, it is possible that tires will take many years to wear out. Tires, as any rubber product, will age over time. If tires show cracking in the sidewall or tread surfaces that are more than 2/32nds deep, they should be replaced before your next trip or vacation. Store your RV in a cool dry area away from major heat sources and extreme cold. An enclosed area is best with no exposure to electromagnetic sources such as generators or transformers. If you must keep your RV outside, cover your tires from direct sunlight.

Bring your RV in to Cowser Tire & Service for service to check or correct any of these conditions.

Replacing Your Tires

It is possible to replace your tires with a different size in some instances to increase your load capacity with a different inflation pressure. If there is a reason to replace your tires with a different size, make sure the following checks are made before the purchase.

Does the replacement tire have the load capacity that is needed for my RV and will it fit properly inside the wheel well?

Will the overall diameter difference affect the speedometer or anti lock braking system?

Is the increase in air pressure compatible with the maximum rated pressure stamped on the rim?

Is there enough dual spacing offset for the rear wheel positions?

Make sure replacements meet or exceed the specifications of the original tires. In most cases replacing with the original size is the best option.

Consult your RV manufacturer or contact Cowser Tire & Service for more information. Always follow instructions in the vehicle owner’s manual regarding maintenance and safety.

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